• A versatile probiotic
  • Lactic Acid Bacillus
    • Originally known in literature as Lactobacillus sporogenes
    • also known as Bacillus coagulans
    • L. sporogenes was first isolated and described in 1933 by L.M. Horowitz Wlassowa & N.W. Nowotelnow
  • Documented clinical effectiveness

Characteristic Features

  • Gram positive, Indole negative, rod shaped bacteria with terminal spores
  • Produces L(+) Lactic Acid only
  • Naturally microencapsulated for stability
  • Proliferates within the GI tract
  • Extremely fastidious organisms
  • Grow optimally at 30°C to 37°C & optimum pH in the range 5.5 to 6.2
  • Microaerophilic
  • The acidic environment created by production of L(+) Lactic Acid & other antimicrobial compounds prevents the growth of disease causing microbes like Clostridia, which are responsible for production of undesirable gases
  • Long & slender cells (0.3 to 0.8 microns)
  • Colonies are usually 2.5 mm in diameter, convex, smooth, glistening and do not produce any pigment

Lactobacillus sporogenes

Lactobacillus sporogenes

Temperature Stability

  • Due to spore forming nature, LactoSpore® survives manufacturing, shipping and storage with no loss of viable count
  • Does not require refrigeration conditions
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Room temperature stable

Lactic Acid Production

  • LactoSpore® produces only L (+) Lactic acid, which is completely and efficiently metabolized to glycogen
  • Whereas other probiotics may produce D (-) Lactic acid, which is metabolized slowly and in excess, can cause metabolic acidosis and may even be toxic to the brain

Gastrointestinal Health

Indicated for improvement of symptoms due to abnormalities in intestinal flora. A total of 567 cases in 19 institutions in Japan were evaluated.1

Condition % cases showing
Number of patients
showing improvement
Diarrhea due to acute or
chronic gastroenteritis
93.7 118/126
accompanied with
85.9 79/92
Infantile diarrhea 87.9 58/66
Constipation 65.4 17/26

1 - Abstracts of papers on the clinical study of Lacbon (Sporlac) compiled by the Sankyo Co. Ltd. Japan

Gastrointestinal Health: Studies in India

Study 1: Cases of neonatal diarrhea responded well to L. sporogenes (SPORLAC) therapy. 60 diarrheal cases of which three also suffered from constipation and three from jaundice were studied.

Dose administered: 15 million spores per day

Recovery period: 15 million spores per day

Recovery period: 1.8 days

Results summary for diarrheal symptoms:

Condition Cases Treated Cases Cured Success Rate
Diarrhea 60 49 81.7%
Constipation 3 3 100%
Jaundice 3 3 100%

Dhongade, R.K., Anjaneyulu, R. (1977). Abstract from Maharashtra Medical Journal Vol.XXIII No.1, Feb: 473-474

Study 2: 112 newborn infants in rural India were randomized to receive a daily oral dose of 100 million L. sporogenes or a placebo for one year.

Morbidity was monitored each week for 12 months.

Effect of L. Sporogenes feeding on rotavirus diarrhea
  L. Sporogenes Placebo p
Number of Infants 55 57  
Number of Infants
Rotovirus Diarrhea
44 50 NS
Number of
3.4 (1.0) 8.6 (1.7) <0.02
Duration of each
episode (days)
3.6 (1.0) 6.8 (1.1) <0.05
Days ill /
12 months
13 (3) 35 (5) <0.01
Data are shown as mean (SD). NS: statistically not significant

Chandra, R.K. Nutrition Research 22 (2002) 65–69

Other Clinical Studies: Healthy Serum Lipid Profiles

Short term hypolipidemic effects of oral L. sporogenes therapy

Dose: 360 million spores per day in tablet form

Subjects: 7 patients (15 men and 2 women in the 32-61 year age group) with type II hyperlipidemia in an open label fixed dose trial.

Duration: 12 weeks

Atherogenic Lipid Ratios were improved:

Total/HDL cholesterol ratio: Decreased by 27%

LDL/HDL ratio: Decreased by 33.4%

J.C. Mohan, R. Arora & M. Khalilullah, Indian Journal of Medical Research [B], 92:431-432 (1990)

Results of the Study

lactospore results

Clinical Study: Non-Specific Vaginitis

Study 2:44 patients with non-specific vaginitis [12 with leucorrhea after cervical surgery; 32 (26 of reproductive age and 6 postmenopausal, without previous therapy)]

Dose:2 vaginal tablets/day (150 million spores/tab.)

7-14 days


Complete relief: 91% cases

Partial relief: 9% cases

In a similar clinical trial using M.T.P. vaginal peccaries containing broxyquinoline and brobenzoxeldine where only 26.67% of cases studied were cured.

Conclusion:Lactobacillus sporogenes is effective in non-specific vaginitis by raising the vaginal acidity, and thereby checking the growth of pathogenic organisms.

Non-Specific Vaginitis

lactospore vaginal pH

Sankholkar, P.C and Sali, M.S. Clinical study report from B.J. Medical College, Pune, India

Aphthous stomatitis and glossitis

  • Recurrent oral lesions respond well to Lactobacillus sporogenes therapy

120 million spores supplied in three divided doses (in the form of SPORLAC, a tabletted preparation) for three days was found to be effective in human volunteers.

Mathur, S.N. et al. (1970). UP State Dental Journal 11:7-12

Other Health Benefits in Infants

Condition: Allergic Skin Diseases

  • No. of subjects: 5
  • Treatment: 200-450 million spores / day in divided doses for 4-12 days
  • Effectiveness rate: 80.0%

Conclusion: Obvious eruptions of strophulus and eczema decreased from the third day (topical therapy employed concomitantly)

Condition: Miscellaneous Symptoms

  • No. of subjects: 10
  • Treatment: 20-50 million spores / day in divided doses for 4-20 days
  • Effectiveness rate: 80.0%

Conclusion: Response seen in anorexia of nervous type and malnutrition in infants

Abstracts of papers on the clinical study of Lacbon (Sporlac) compiled by the Sankyo Co. Ltd. Japan

Lactospore Gastrointestinal Growth pH Lactospore Gastrointestinal Growth pH

Advantages of LactoSpore®

  • Produces L(+) Lactic acid only
  • Produces Bacteriocin
  • Room temperature stable
  • Clinical studies have revealed that it can be successfully implanted in the intestine


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